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RB Group receives international award promoted by Pine Chemicals Association International

RB Group received the important Facility Excellence Award for 2018 sponsored by Pine Chemicals Association International. RB Group competed with several companies worldwide and won in the category of Facilities that presented satisfactory results in excellence in occupational health and safety. The award ceremony took place in Vancouver, Canada in September.

The award was presented by the president of the Pine Chemicals Association International, Mr. Alex Cunningham, honorably received by Mr. Anselmo Couto Pereira, Work Safety Engineer at RB Group. Mr. Anselmo stresses that the recognition of the award was only possible due to the engagement of all RB Group’s employees and demonstrates that we are moving in the right direction to reach the world level of excellence in all occupational health and safety practices.

The event was attended by Dr. Mariana Jorge Ferreira, Director of the Luresa manufacturing unit, located in Spain, Mr. Mário Speroni Neto – Socer RB Director from Salto-SP and Mr. David Panos also Director of Luresa Spain.

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