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Our commitment to Excellence in Quality, Environment, Social Responsibility, Health, Safety and Sustainability are fundamental principles aimed at ensuring the highest standard of excellence in all our activities.
RB Group is a leading organization dedicated to providing high quality products and services with a clear and comprehensive vision on the importance of sustainability.

Integrated Policy

The RB Group, aware of the importance of integrated management (quality, environment, health and safety) at present and in the future, has adopted the following commitments:


RB GROUP’s Management is committed to the implementation and management of the Integrated Management System, continuously informing the various levels of the organization of the importance of fully meeting customer requirements, establishing the integrated policy and objectives, promoting the use of the process approach and risk mentality, promoting the engagement of people to contribute to the effectiveness of the IMS, continuous improvement of the Quality Management System and ensuring that there are adequate resources available for the implementation, maintenance of effectiveness and continuous improvement.

The Directors, together with the Managers, determine the positive or negative internal and external issues pertinent to the purpose and strategic direction of the organization and assess the impact on the IMS’ ability to achieve the intended results.

Considering the influence of stakeholders on the company’s ability to meet customer requirements and the applicable laws, the Directors and Managers determine the stakeholders pertinent to the SGI and their respective requirements, which are monitored and critically analyzed to update and maintain the ability to meet them. In order to establish and maintain an effective quality management system, RB Group has implemented actions to address risks and opportunities. The Top Management provides the necessary resources so that the risks can be eliminated and/or mitigated and through managerial meetings takes actions to disseminate the Risk and Opportunity Mentality in the planning of its processes.


One of RB Group ‘s main commitments is to care for the environment, as we understand that business excellence depends on the responsible use of natural resources, as well as the manufacturing of products that do not harm the environment.

We continuously seek the improvement of our products and processes, always aiming at the elimination or mitigation of environmental impacts. We also develop actions with our employees and the community, seeking to make everyone aware of sustainable development.

Environmental Management

  • Monitoring and technical evaluation of all the processes in our business units, with control of atmospheric emissions, noise, treatment and release of effluents, and compliance with legal requirements;
  • Waste management, through the best management practices in balance with the National Solid Waste Policy;
  • Environmental Education Program, for employees and the local community;
  • Energy source, through the priority consumption of renewable fuels with effective control over atmospheric emissions.

Social Responsibility

In 2019, RB Group traces a new challenge and “Consolidates a Dream”, creating the Instituto Resinas do Brasil, aware of the challenges ahead, join their efforts with the goal of contributing to a better world and a fairer, more inclusive and diverse society.

The Instituto Resinas do Brasil now represents the social arm of the RB Group, being responsible for all the Social Responsibility actions of the company, prioritizing its actions in the rural area and focusing on children and adolescents in socially vulnerable situations.

We defined our territory of operation, in the vicinity of the pine plantations and pine resin extraction farms owned by the RB Group. The selection of the areas surrounding our business, besides counting on the support of our facilities, is a strategy designed to contribute to the communities that directly or indirectly participate in the company’s operations.

Health and Safety

RB Group, aware that the prevention of accidents is important and a priority for its business, has established and complied with strict standards in occupational health and safety to ensure the physical integrity of its employees at work and comply with the current legislation.

RB Group is committed to ensuring a safe working environment through the following practices:

  • To encourage the participation of employees in defining strategies for the reduction and elimination of existing risks in the work environment;
  • Maintain compliance with all existing legal requirements applicable to the business;
  • Invest in health and safety training for employees;
  • Carry out Occupational Health and Safety Integration for all employees, focusing on the hazards and risks existing in the activities and the application of control measures;
  • Conduct Safety Dialogues systematically, with the aim of adopting safe behavior among all employees;
  • Carry out campaigns for the prevention of accidents and diseases, aiming to promote and reinforce procedures in occupational health and safety and risk prevention;
  • Constantly monitor the environmental risks existing in the work environment;
  • To continuously verify the results obtained through the global analysis of the occupational health and safety management system, to confirm the effective implementation of preventive actions;
  • Elaborate and implement the programs and procedures for the prevention of employee health and safety;
  • Provide appropriate and approved safety equipment for all employees.


Sustainability is an integral part of the DNA of the Resinas Brasil Group, which has more than 110 years of tradition in the
market for extracting and processing natural resins.

RB Group assumed in its Corporate Governance the commitment to good sustainability practices,
we understand that respect for the environment is paramount, that is why we believe that business excellence
depends on the responsible use of natural resources.

The resin gum, RB Group’s main raw material, comes from sustainable planting of pine forests, stands out
as an important ally in the preservation of natural ecosystems, fauna and flora, because they supply the demand for
wood and contributes to lessening the pressure on native forests.

We are committed to the rational and sustainable use of natural resources, aware of our
responsibility, we develop our business in a verticalized and integrated manner with the multiple use of the forest