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leader in
natural resins
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leader in
natural resins

Global leader in the production of rosin, rosin resins, turpentine and terpene derivatives

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Seeds, Seedlings & Products

Genetic improvement is responsible for the development of superior trees and the formation of more productive and profitable plantations, providing operational advantages and considerable economic gains.

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Forest Planting & Management

Planting begins with area preparation, weed competition control, ant control and subsoiling/pitting. The RB Group Forests are rigorously managed in order to reach the maximum production of gum resin and wood.

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resin tapping
Stretching and Collection

The resining tapping process begins with the groove in the tree trunk and later the gum resin is collected, to supply the factories of the RB Group.

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Itabox & Wood Sale

At the end of the resining cycle, the trees are cut down to replant the new forest. The production of wood is destined for the sale and supply of Itabox.

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Pitch, Pitch Resins, Turpentine & Terpene Derivatives

The RB Group, a global leader in natural resins, has high-performance factories strategically located in Brazil and Europe, with the capacity to serve its customers on five continents with maximum efficiency and quality.

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Sweet Gum & Cafosa

Committed to our customers, we incorporate what is most innovative and safe for the chewing gum industry, offering products and services of high quality and performance.

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