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2nd Agribusiness Forestry Meeting

On April 27th, at the Majuara Farming facilities in Ventania, Paraná, the 2nd Forest Agribusiness Meeting took place, with a large number of rural producers from the cities of Tibagi, Curiúva, Castro, and Ventania.

The event had the support of RB Group, with more than 110 years of tradition in the production and commercialization of resin, rosin, and its derivatives, processes more than 100 thousand tons of gum resin per year, and is recognized worldwide for its leadership in the sector.

On the occasion, the participants had the opportunity to attend lectures on silviculture, resin production, and genetically improved Pinus elliotti seedlings, which provide high yields in the production of resins. Representing RB Group were the Forestry Director Airton Tavares and Ester Bagietto from the Commercial Area, and the lecturers Vinicius Gontijo Research and Nursery Coordinator and Rafaela Mayrinck, Forest Supervisor.

Among the topics presented by RB Group’s specialists, we highlight research and genetic improvement of the Pinus elliottii species, developed since the 1980’s, resulting in seedlings with high performance in resin and wood production. Currently, RB Group commercializes the same genetic material used in its forests.

During the event samples of products made from gum-resin were presented, the main products being rosin and turpentine, and the gum base for producing chewing gum. The products derived from the natural gum of the pine tree are applied in various products such as soda, paints, varnishes, glues, waxes, solvents, as well as in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

“We were very happy to receive this select group of farmers interested in planting pine trees to produce gum resin and wood. This is a very profitable activity in the short and medium term, and can mean an extra source of income for the rural man”, said Jurandir Proença Lopes, partner-owner of Agropecuária Majuara.

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