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1 – Create a place to work

Demarcate your territory. Establish one room of the house as your work environment. Put everything you need to do your work properly there, treat your home office like a real office.

2 – Fulfill your work day

Set a workload and stick to it, follow the same rules as formal office work, after all you are not on vacation.

3 – Avoid distractions

If you have children, a cat, a parrot, a dog, set limits for them. Make agreements with your family and make it clear that although you are at home, even temporarily, that is your place of work.

4 – Keep up the pace

Solving personal problems during working hours is also out of the question. You and people have to understand that you are at home, but you are working, otherwise bye bye productivity.

5 – Communicate yourself

Establish interactions with whoever you work with. Your team leader, colleagues, customers or suppliers. Use for example Skype, WhatsApp and telephone, there are many ways to keep audio and video communication going, the choice is yours.

6 – Have a to-do list

Discipline is the key word. Working from home can create distractions that affect your productivity. Have a workable list of tasks to be accomplished during the day and force yourself to stick to it.

7 – Take breaks

Working in the office, far away from home, every now and then you would get up to go to the bathroom, get a drink of water, get a cup of coffee. Adopt this habit, too, when you are working from home.

We know that working from home can be challenging for your productivity, but don’t be too hard on yourself. Avoid spending hours on end with your eyes glued to the computer screen.

8 – Keep your workplace organized

Just as in the conventional office, a minimally organized workplace makes your life easier and increases your productivity.

Remember that the main beneficiary of a clean and well-organized work environment is you, no one else.

9 – Leave work at the end of the day

Has your workday come to an end? Great. Get up and leave the office, even if he stays in your house.


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